The Issues


My incumbent opponent helped root Obamacare in Michigan. I will tear it out by the roots.

My incumbent opponent made a monumental vote directly against the Michigan Republican Party and the Republican voters in the district by voting with the Democrats to expand Medicaid and rooted in the implementation of Obamacare. This will likely be one of the largest tax increases in Michigan history. Just in case you don’t know by now, I would have held fast with my Republican colleagues and would have never voted with the Democrats to usher in Obamacare. I’d still be fighting Obamacare tooth and nail. My family had the best Blue Cross health insurance plan. Low deductibles and co-pays. A little on the expensive side but we could afford it and it was a great plan. In October 2013, we received a letter from Blue Cross stating that our existing plan would be canceled as of December 15th and we must choose a new healthcare plan. Our new plan costs us approximately $6500 a year MORE and it provides approximately 30% LESS coverage. If you haven’t gotten this rotten news from your insurance company or your employer, it’s coming soon for you and millions of American families. The prerequisite to Obamacare in Michigan was the expansion of Medicaid. Michigan is one of 26 states that voted to expand the size and scope of our federal government by voting to expand and place another 460,000 citizens onto this substandard healthcare plan. 21 states (all Republican), have held fast to the national fight to stop Obamacare by not rolling out the red carpet and voting to expand Medicaid. Many of these states are currently considering private-sector solutions instead of relying on the government for their healthcare problems. My opponent also had the option to explore private-sector solutions but chose not to.

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I’m 100% against common core. My incumbent opponent voted for it.

I’m against Common Core and would have never voted for its implementation like my incumbent opponent did. Notwithstanding all the bells, whistles, facts, figures, speculations, testing standards or whatever advantage or disadvantage that the proponents of Common Core claim; for me it’s simple. We have some of the best, most talented and committed educators in the nation! Our schoolrooms and teachers flourish when we have local control of them. More federal government control means less parental and local influence. I am in favor of eliminating the federal Department of Education (created in 1979) and returning 100% of our money, educational control and decisions back to Michigan. Our schools will have more money and resources for our teachers and students. We’ll have more educational freedom.


I will eliminate the Michigan Corporate Tax to make us competitive.

Michigan is doing a little better but not “better enough”. We need to do something positively bold to compete with states in our region. Michigan has one of the highest tax burdens. It’s difficult to attract industry when our competition (surrounding states) have made drastic and innovative policy changes to make their states more appealing than Michigan. I am in favor of eliminating the Michigan corporate tax to make Michigan a magnet for small and large industry. Instead of giving “tax holidays” and tax rebates to certain “hand-picked” companies and industries (film and battery), lets give every business in Michigan the same tax advantage! Creating a pro-business climate will lure additional businesses to Michigan, employ more people and provide additional (new) tax revenue. I believe government often gets in the way of free enterprise growth and if we’re not careful with the fine balance of prudent regulation, this will continue to slow job growth.

Corporate Welfare

I’m against “corporate welfare” and “crony capitalism”. My incumbent opponent believes in it and voted for it.

Currently, our state taxpayer-funded economic development corporation (department) is behaving like a double edged sword. My incumbent opponent has promoted and passed legislation that provides tax breaks to certain businesses while, in the same swing, created a tax “disadvantage” to others who are not on the receiving end of the government’s decision to give a competitor a “tax holiday”, government loan or just plain cash. This “picking and choosing” done by elected or appointed government officials also creates tremendous opportunity for impropriety (kick-backs and political favors). I don’t believe government officials should decide who and which businesses get picked to be the beneficiary of the government handout or tax break. My incumbent opponent and I have opposite beliefs on corporate welfare. I will never participate in or support any legislation where the government picks and chooses private-sector winners and losers. The free market (you and I) does that best.

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Balanced Budget Amendment and Federal Term Limits

I support federal term limits and a balanced budget amendment in an Article V convention.

I support a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment and would support an Article V Convention if it gains support of the 38 states. I would also support Federal Term Limits as part of this Convention.

Infrastructure and Roads

Our roads can be fixed without taxing you more. We already pay enough.

Michigan’s infrastructure is facing a crisis. You currently pay 57.9 cents in taxes for every gallon of gas you purchase (63.1 Diesel). We are collecting enough taxes to maintain our roads. In 2012, Michigan taxpayers sent just over 1 billion dollars to Washington DC. The federal government removed just over $200 million to pay for their bureaucracy and sent us back only $823 million. Conservative Republicans are in the process of revamping the federal highway fund with the Transportation Empowerment Act which will allow states to keep more of the money they send to Washington. In the meantime, Governor Snyder has asked the Michigan Legislature to increase taxes 1 BILLION dollars a year. Lawmakers will either increase our state sales tax from 6 to 7 percent or increase the gasoline tax and registration fees. Either way, we’re looking at another tax increase. I would not vote for any tax increase and will encourage all in Lansing to vote no. We need to find a way to save, cut or transfer 1 billion out of our 52.1 billion dollar annual budget. Michigan families have been forced to tighten their belts and I know Michigan government can do the same. We pay enough taxes. We need to find ways to cut waste in 27 state departments before we ask our citizens for more hard earned tax dollars.

Part-time Legislation

I support a part-time legislature.

Michigan had a part-time legislation until 1966. Michigan is one of only four states with a full time legislature. Michigan and California are almost tied for first place for the number of laws and regulations created by their law makers. Michigan has over 30,000 laws on the books while California has almost 38,000 laws. Last year, our law makers were “in session” or working in Lansing a total of 109 days. We pay our state legislators $777.77 a day to represent us in Lansing! They also employ full time staffers and chiefs of staff. Another inherent problem with a full-time legislature is that it helps foster career politicians because the pay is so darn good. It also allows almost 24/7 access to special interest groups and lobbyists. I’d rather see our legislators spend the majority of the year and their time IN the district where they are accessible to their constituents not “speed dating” with Lansing lobbyists all day long! My opponent incumbent has been an elected official for almost 13 years. We need citizens who are willing to step out of the private sector, step into the public sector to serve, then step back into their private sector industry and let the next leader take their place.


I’ve got nothing to hide. I am a transparent person

If you elect me to serve you, my entire voting record including reasons for a Yea or Nay vote, will be posted online and on social media to be conveniently observed by all constituents.

Bottom Line

The main reason you will vote for me on August 5th, 2014

The most important question to ask any conservative candidate is: ‘Will you ever vote to increase the size or scope of government?’ “My answer is unequivocally NO!” My incumbent opponent can’t answer that question with a ‘NO’ because he has voted numerous times to INCREASE the size and scope of our government. I won’t disappoint you and I will hold fast to the Republican Party Platform under all circumstances.