About Matt Maddock


“I am a conservative who will not stray from core Republican platform principles. I will not disappoint you or let you down.”

We are living in perilous times. Government growth, debt, and spending are the largest threats to our economy, our safety, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness. Our only “out” is to immediately reduce spending, remove obstacles and make our government perform MORE EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY on the revenue it currently collects, without taxing us more! I am running because I’ve had it with Beltway Republicans who campaign as conservatives but when they get elected to represent the conservative Republican cause, they behave and vote with the Democrats; voting for increases in fees, taxes and increasing the size and scope of government. You, like me, have likely been voting for Republicans for many, many years. And I’m sure you’ve been disappointed! I have too! I’ve gone into that voting booth hoping and praying that the Republican I just cast my vote for will stick to the Party Platform. The Republican Party Platform is a wonderful document that outlines true American principles that provide opportunity and freedom from an overreaching government for all American citizens!

I am a Platform Party Republican. This means I will always vote the Republican Party Platform, no matter what. I will not veer from these principles.

I will never vote with the Democrats like my incumbent opponent.

Matt Maddock the Man

Matt is 48 and has been married for 20 years to his best friend Meshawn. They have three great kids, Gunther, Winsome, and Parker, and they have lived the last 14 years in Milford. Matt is a lifelong Oakland County resident, grew up in West Bloomfield and attended Orchard Lake St. Mary’s. Matt was inspired at an early age to enter the business world. He has been a small business owner (President of A-1 Bail Bonds) for the past 24 years. He has employed over 60 people and is also a Licensed Private Detective.

pheasantMatt has always been a passionate conservative. He is a Core Member of Tea Party Patriots of West Oakland County. Over the last 18 years he has been an outspoken grassroots conservative voice. He currently serves on the11th Congressional Committee and the Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee.

The Maddock family belongs to Cornerstone Highland Church and Matt drives a church bus for the teen ministry. He is a member of the Oakland County Republican Party, the North Oakland Republican Club, the NRA, Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights and a past board member of Citizens for Traditional Values and the Current President of the Michigan Professional Bail Agents Association. Matt loves Michigan! He enjoys pheasant and small game hunting, brook trout fishing, boating and snowmobiling. He is also an avid backyard barn engineer!